Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RIP: Fouqueria Columnaris

Dormant, heavy rain, drop dead. So long buddy!

This is not Pachy

This is an echinocactus grussoni crested. Rare and exremelly slow grower.

Pachypodium Densiflorum var Brevicalyx

The name derived from its floriferous characteristic. This one is a Brevicalyx varian which is a bit rare in cultivation.

Baby Pachy

Tiny seedling of pachypodium horombense.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pachypodium Decaryi

Resembling an adenium with its spineless stems and caudex and large, glossy leaves, P. decaryi is somewhat unusual among pachypodiums. It also stands out for having the largest flowers in the genus, up to 4" in diameter, with asymmetrical petals, each resembling a broad knife-blade, to an inch wide, with one straight margin, the other curved. This highly ornamental plant is mostly sought after by rare & exotic plant collector. It's in CITES appendix 1 which is mean maximum protection

Pachypodium Brevicaule x Densiflorum var Brevicalyx

This pachypodium is a cross between brevicaule and densiflorum var brevicalyx. Not too flattened like brevicaule but seems grow much faster than both its parent. Cann't wait to see it bloom :p

Pachypodium Rosulatum

Finally my pachypodium rosulatum bloomed for the first time this morning. Quite astonishing flower, bright yellow with a little bit twisted petal. I have grown it for about 2 years and the pain paid off. It is a slow grower but worth waiting. This is my first time seeing a pachypodium flower, previously I only see it in the magazine or the internet. It's true that this exotic creature is remarkable.